Robert Aaron Harting hunting Elk with the Bear attack. Black gold 7 pin sights, trophy taker drop away rest. Nitro stabilizer, Trophy ridge 2 piece quiver, Scott release Gold tip arrow, thunderhead 100 grain broadhead. Vortex binoculars Nikon range finder Rutware hunting apparel, Danner boots.

Robert Aaron Harting
Idaho, USA
The Story
Early on the first morning Rob and I were on the mountain and the elk were hard in the rut. as we slowly walked through the timber we jumped a spike bull. He stood at 16 yards bugling which got another bull talking. As we got situated a cow came walking up and right behind her this bull was following her. I hit him with the range finder at 55 yards. There was a rock in front of him at 40 yards. He was walking towards me and stopped to bugle. I drew back and once he hit the large rock he turned giving me the broad side shot. I released and hit him perfectly right behind the shoulder. He ran about 20 yards, hit a tree breaking off my arrow. He fell to the ground and I knew that I had tagged my first bull with my new bow.
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