Gordon Johnson hunting Whitetail Deer with the A 2012 Bear Encounter with a TrueGlow 5-pin sight, VF Arrow, Muzzy MX3 BH.

Gordon Johnson
USA county, Florida
The Story
I set up on the edge of a field, surrounded by a swamp, for a week-long hunt. This clever spike kept out of range and busted me on day 3 - I didn't think I'd see him again. On the last day, a thunderstorm hit. As soon as the storm lifted the spike appeared to my left and walked slightly away from the tree line. I was sure he would bust me; before he hit the fifty-yard mark I was already drawn. I held for what seemed like an eternity as he passed my forty-yard marker. Then he stopped and looked right at me. This was it and I let fly. The quiet bow launched the arrow towards its mark, 36 yards away. A good double-lung shot - he ran less than 40 yards. This good-sized spike yielded just over 50Lbs for the freezer.
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