Justin Foster hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Instinct set at 70# and 29" draw. I shoot Beman Carbon Hunter ICS 340's, tipped with a 2 blade Rage Broadhead. I use Tru Glo sights, Whisker Biscuit rest, and a Tru Fire release.

Justin Foster
Marion county, Indiana
The Story
Well this was only my second hunt of the year. I sat up in a ladderstand overlooking a field surrounded by sapling thickets. Shortly after first legal shooting light I hear something coming up the trail behind me, I look back through some trees and I see this little Piebald buck still sporting his velvet. He walked broadside at 17yds and I couldn't let him walk. I've never seen a white deer before in the woods and I may never see another one. Glad I decided to take this one even though he is the smallest buck I've ever killed, he's probably the coolest. Thanks to the people at Bear for making awesome bows!
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