Bryan Simpson hunting Whitetail Deer with the I was using my Buckmaster 2000s along with my Easton Epics (with Blazer 2" vanes) topped off with 100 grain Muzzy three blades. Let me tell you DEADLY COMBINATION. :)

Bryan Simpson
Tuscola county, Michigan
The Story
This deer was taken on Michigan's second day of bow season. First deer of the year that was seen or taken by any of my family and yet seems to be the most unique. This deer came walking in and I saw was it was still in full velvet in October. I always wanted to have a deer in full velvet to hang on the wall. So you guessed it, I shot it. We hauled it back to the truck and I went to gut it and it was missing something. Yes, it was a six point DOE in full velvet. This was my once in a lifetime unique deer.
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