AUSTIN NICHOLAS HENTHORN hunting Whitetail Deer with the On my Bear Carnage I shoot 70lbs, I use a Trophy Ridge 5 pin sight, a Trophy Ridge 6 arrow quiver and a rip cord drop away rest. I shoot gold tip arrows with 100 grain muzzy 4 blade broad heads. I shoot the bow with a traditional true fire release. As for accessories I use a prostaff range finder and a pair of Bushnell binoculars. I was sitting in a summit climber tree stand and used a ezhanger bow hanger. I also used a buck bomb periodically throughout the hunt.

GUERNSEY county, Ohio
The Story
It was 5 o’clock when I heard a limb break, I looked up and there he was. I stood up and grunted at him. He started running right to me. I had enough time to grab my bow, latch my release and he was right under my stand! He spooked and ran back the same rout he came in, but he made one mistake and that was to stop. He was quartering, almost facing completely away. I had great trust in my Carnage, I aimed right in front of his back leg and let her fly. The arrow hit and it was a complete pass through. He ran 50 yards to a pasture field, stopped and looked right back at me scaring me to death thinking it wasn’t a good shot. I shouldn’t have question the Carnage because moments later he took a dirt nap.
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