Dustin Alan Mecham hunting Whitetail Deer with the 1963 Bear Grizzly, 45# @ 28". Cedar arrow w/ 3 blade woodsman.

Dustin Alan Mecham
South Carolina, USA
The Story
I had a tarsle gland soaking in some Trophy Buck. I hung the gland up in the dark that morning, I sat in that tree all morning, I didn't see a thing. Final night, I got into my stand around 3:30 p.m., there was a very promising vibe in the woods. I left my gland up all day to possibly get something going. I also didn't noticed how close I had hung it to my tree. It was nearly directly under my stand. Just getting settled in I give a couple of grunts, and almost immediately I hear a rustle, I look up to see a big body 6 point coming straight to the gland. I had no time to stand up, he was right under me. I said a prayer and let it fly. It was a decent shot that only allowed him to run about 100 yards.
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