Julie Johnson hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Apprentice Bow pulling 45lbs. Gold tip arrows with NAP Bloodrunner 100 grain broadheads and a True Fire release.

Julie Johnson
Washington county, Iowa
The Story
It was a beautiful November day temps were close to 60. I got to my stand around 3:30 and settled in to enjoy the beautiful afternoon. Around 5:30 several does and two nice bucks came out to my left so I stood up and grabbed my Bear Apprentice. I heard something to my right so I turned slowly to see this beautiful, giant buck standing just to the right of my stand. I knew he would jump the fence directly in front of me, as he jumped I drew back, twisted at my waist, aimed and fired hitting him just behind the left shoulder! He ran about 50 yards into the cornfield.! This is my 3rd year bow hunting and my first bow kill. It's going to be very hard to top this nice buck! Who says you can't kill a nice buck with a little bow?
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