Cliff Moore / Bear Archery Pro Staff hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Anarchy Shadow Series, Trophy Ridge 5 pin Hitman Series Sights, Trophy Ridge Revolution Arrow Rest, Trophy Ridge stabilizer, 3-blade 100gr 2inch Meat Seeker broadheads on GoldTip Pro Hunter arrows.

Cliff Moore / Bear Archery Pro Staff
Franklin county, Kansas
The Story
It was my last afternoon hunt of a 3 1/2 day trip to Kansas. my wife told me, after that mornings hunt she was tired of hunting alone, so I went out midday and constructed a ground blind from nearby brush. I picked a spot on the farm that good for a North wind. My wife was the first to see the buck coming up the fence line. It took the a path to my left and jumped the fence. I drew the Anarchy as the buck jumped over. I had to lean to my right a little and shoot between a couple of large vines about a foot apart. I knew he was around 25 yards. I gapped my 20 and 30 pins, settled in on his vitals and let the Meat Seeker Hunt. The rest is history.
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