Zachary Shumpert hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Apprentice Bow Easton ST Epic Arrows Magnus Stinger 100 grain 4-blade broadheads Realtree AP Camo Flextone Bone Collector grunt call Nockturnal lighted nocks

Zachary Shumpert
Orangeburg county, South Carolina
The Story
My 11 year old son Zachary and I were hunting when a doe came into range after I had grunted several times. The doe approached our stand and stopped behind us. This gave him the chance to stand up and get turned around with the tree blocking his movement. The doe walked a few more steps and stopped 15 yards from the stand. The glowing nock of his arrow disapeared and came out the other side. His Apprentice bow set on 40 pounds was more than enough for a full pass through. The shot missed the lungs, but caused massive damage to the liver that left a more than adequate blood trail. Also, the Apprentice has served him well on the 3-D circuit this year were he won 6 out of 7 tournaments he shot in. Thanks for a great product.
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