Shaun Williams hunting Whitetail Deer with the I used my Bear Encounter (70lb draw weight) along with ICS Hunter 31" carbon arrows and Rage high velosity, mechanical broadheads.

Shaun Williams
Hill county, Texas
The Story
Hunting the Texas hill country near Whitney, Texas. Spot & stalked this 8pt in full light. Got within ten yards and had no shot due to thick undergrowth. The buck blew and ran off. Continued the stalk and got 40 yards. Same outcome. 600 yards later, I got to 30 yards and found him chasing does. He was so overcome by the presence of the does that he walked out right in front of me, looked at me, then kept after the does. I waited for a broadside, slightly quartering away shot and my Bear Encounter along with Rage Broadhead got the job done. First buck with a bow. Not a record breaker, :but a great experience...
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