Drew Heilers hunting Whitetail Deer with the Trophy Ridge 5 pin site, QAD ultra rest, bohning 4 quiver, gold tip xt hunters, grim reaper 1.5 broadhead, lumnock

Drew Heilers
Jennings county, Indiana
The Story
Great morning to be hunting with the rut just starting and this big boy walks out at 35yrds going towards doe's in a standing bean feild. Put the ol' trusty bear pins on him let and let it eat. He was quartering away and I made a perfict shot and I watched this buck do the death dance and drop not 15 yards away. This is a buck of a life time for me. Rough scored 165.75 and field dressed at 215lbs. I have always shot a bear bow and plan to purchase my fourth bear bow soon. Thank you Bear Archery...
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