Donovan Strock hunting Whitetail Deer with the I used a Tru Glo 5 Pin sight and a NAP Apache micro Rest. I have a 27" draw and shoot Easton Axis Arrows tipped with Muzzy MX-3 100 grain broadheads.

Donovan Strock
Van Buren county, Michigan
The Story
From the second I pulled my bow up, about an hour before day light, I could hear a buck grunting very loudly every 3 to 5 seconds. From the the foot steps I could tell that he was trailing another deer. Finally after listening to him all morning a doe stepped out at 15 yards. I stood and prepared to draw my bow, within seconds this guy stepped out and stood quartering away at 22 yards. He ran about 40 yards before crashing at the top of a ridge and barrel rolling to its base. All in all a gorgeous morning and another great harvest with my Bear.
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