Blake Melton hunting Whitetail Deer with the Draw Wt: 65lbs Draw Length: 27" RTH set up: Trophy Ridge 3 pin sight, Trophy Ridge Quiver, Whisker Biscuit Rest. Broad Heads: G5 Mon-tec Easton Arrows

Blake Melton
Cobb county, Georgia
The Story
My neighbor invited me to his "suburban honey hole". Put in in a good stand and said good luck. About 8:00am this 3 pt walks in and I debate whether or not to shoot him. This place is covered up in deer. He steps out of in the food plot and turns broadside at 25 yards. I couldn't resist. I put the pin on him and let loose. Spine shot and he dropped in his tracks. I followed up with another shot and finished him off. 1st Bow Kill!!
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