Jack Golden hunting Whitetail Deer with the i used a Bear Showdown bow with Redhead carbon furry arrows and carbon express quad pro broad head

Jack Golden
Volusia county, Florida
The Story
On October 18 around 4:00 in the evening my friend and I went to his property to hunt. After a few hours of sitting in my stand thinking to myself "theres about thirty minutes till dark and yet again haven't seen anything". Just as i think that, a huge 8 point buck comes walking right at me. Now I am shaking so much that I don't even think i'm gonna be able to get the shot off. As soon as he walks up he stops, sniffs around and gives me a perfect chance at a shot. I draw back my bow and let it fly. Once the arrow hit i know it was a good shot. So I call my buddy and after waiting 20 minutes we tracked the blood trail right to my first ever whitetail deer. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Bear Archery.
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