Guy Curtis hunting Ferel Goat with the I fully loaded my 66# Carnage with Trophy Ridge gear including a 2pc Cage quiver, Whisker Biscuit Sureshot Pro , Shockstop Deluxe Stabiliser and the Micro Cypher 5 pin sight, all in Realtree APG. I use Easton ST Axis 400 shafts tipped with Muzzy 125 grain 3 blade broadheads, for a total weight of around 450 grains at my draw length.

Guy Curtis
Victoria, Australia
The Story
With only 2 days hunting available, I hunted 14 hours each day, resulting in 7 Trophy goats, 1 fox and 1 wild boar. However this Trophy Goat was the most memorable. I had ranged the Billy at 41 yards and it was a very difficult shot! There was only a small window to place the arrow; over a fallen log, under an overhanging branch, and all with 2 other Goats glaring at me placing unwanted pressure. This and 40 degree celsius heat had me shaking like a first timer! I drew back the Carnage and had enough time to release the final KO punch before the Goats errupted from the scrub. The Billy ran 20 yards and piled up within plain sight. What a shot! What a bow....simply put, the best bow I have ever shot in over 20 years of bowhunting. "Rise Up" indeed!
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