Nathan Mrnak hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Carnage, with Tru-Glo Site, Apache Rest, Easton Axis Arrows, and Slick Trick 100 gr. standard broad heads.

Nathan Mrnak
Mercer county, Missouri
The Story
October 6th turned out to be a great day to be hunting. As I walked in at 3 in the afternoon I had to bump a couple of does off the food plot as I made my way to the stand. As the evening progressed I happened to catch a movement and located a nice 130's 8 point making his way to my stand. To my surprise I looked farther up the trail and noticed a much larger deer on the same route. It did not take me long to pass up on the 8 and start to prepare for the shot on second buck. The buck ended up coming to 20 yards before I drew the bow and released my arrow. Seeing that deer pile up within 50 yards of the stand was a great feeling.
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