David Holloway hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Odyssey ll (50lb 27"), Whisker Brisket, True Glow 5pin sight, limb saver stabilizer, Beman ICS arrow, Rage 2 blade 100g, Primos Fletcher .44 Caliper release, Hunters Specialty Special Golden estrus & Scent-a-Way, Realtee Hardwoods camo, climber tree stand.

David Holloway
Madison county, Arkansas
The Story
Movement just inside the tree line... and three shooters step in to view. They worked there way toward my stand. The largest of the three was staying just out of reach. But two of them had come in to my left and stopped to eat about 26yd out, perfect broadside. I drew back to take one, luck would fight me, the other stepped out right into the shooting lane. The first to clear was mine. I smiled as one of them moved forward, one step, two then three. In my head I pleaded, "Just take one more!" With a light squeeze of my release the arrow found her flight path. His side exploded in crimson, double lung. He turned and ran, straight to deaths door, the largest buck I've taken with a bow.
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