Collin Backowski hunting Whitetail Deer with the I shoot a FRED BEAR SQ32 it is one of the best bow's I have ever shot. I shoot the Fred Bear with a single pin cosmic impact sight, a drop away rest, and I shoot a 2213 easton eclipse arrow with a 100 grain wasp fixed blade and it shoots so nice!!!!!!

Collin Backowski
Morrison county, Minnesota
The Story
I go to school at Bemidji State in MN and I didnt want to give up my hunting so I went up here for school because all of the public hunting land. I found a good spot on the public land and I put up my stand. I sat there for 15 min and a doe and a fawn came out. She had no clue I was there. She was just meandering through the woods, and I got her to stop at about 16 yards. She only ran about 50 yards. That was the biggest body deer I have ever shoot even though I have shot 11 deer now all with Fred Bears!!!!!!! If anyone want's to get pumped up before they go hunting listen to Fred Bear by Ted Nugent.
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