Anthony Cox hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Game Over Trophy ridge 6 gun quiver wisker biscuit rest team extreme sight easton excel arrows rage broadhead nocturnal lighted nock truefire release summit titan tree stand canon hd camera

Anthony Cox
Coshocton county, Ohio
The Story
I was hunting over a well used scrape. My hunting buddy was above me in the tree ready to film any nice deer that walked in. At around 725am this buck walked straight towards us and started freshing the scrape at 25 yds. I drew back and released my arrow. Thinking i had a good shot, then seeing the arrow veer off course because i clipped a branch. Striking the buck in the hind quarters but still getting a pass thru. The buck had no idea what happend and he ran right underneith our stands and stopping at 20 yds on the other side of the tree, giving me a second shot. The second arrow hit its mark and the buck went 40 yds and feel on camera. He ended up being an 18pt that scored 167 4/8 and my best buck to date and all on video.
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