Mark Kenter hunting Whitetail Deer with the Fred Bear TRX set at 70lbs with Whisker Biscuit rest and shooting Bear 145 grain Razorhead.

Mark Kenter
Effingham county, Illinois
The Story
I was privileged to meet Fred in 1973 in Grayling at the factory during the annual audit. I have used Bear equipment ever since. This buck was not the largest I have ever seen but was special because it was taken the Sunday after Thanksgiving while hunting with one of my sons, Matt. Little guy is grandson Elliot who was visiting from AZ. Buck was 100 yds when first spotted and I was able to call him in with a grunt tube. First shot hit some branches but him didn't leave and I was able to get second shot which took out both lungs and heart. He only made it forty yards before he piled up in sight. Having family there for the hunt and right after made him a true trophy. Thanks Fred.
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