Aaron Black hunting Mule Deer with the Bear Assault, 70 pound bow, Easton arrow, Cabela's broadhead, whisker biscuit rest, tru fire release, cobra sight.

Aaron Black
Chelan county, Washington
The Story
This past Thanksgiving I went out for Mule deer in North Central Washington, I spent five days stalking some great bucks.On the fourth day of my hunt I spotted a nice 4x4 muley bedded down in a canyon with his does. With that many eyes around I decided to pull out and come back that afternoon to set up a ground blind. The next morning I got into the blind in hopes of the 4x4 buck returning to the bedding area. After 2 hours in the blind I spotted the buck coming toward me.As the buck approached, I experienced the most intense adrenaline rush of my life.I made a clean lung shot at 35 yards, and watched in amazement as my buck tore into the timber with an arrow protruding out from behind his shoulder. I am sold on Bear archery.
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