Kyle Richardson hunting Whitetail Deer with the TruGlo Carbon XS, Whisker Biscuit, Beaman ICS pro 400, Meatseeker3 100grain.

Kyle Richardson
Wicomico county, Maryland
The Story
11/16/11. I had just killed a nice eight pointer the previous Friday and was on Doe patrol. Maryland laws require you to kill two does(I had already killed one looking for the second) before you are allowed to tag a second buck. Around 4:05 I had a huge doe come out. I got ready and sent an arrow flying. I got a good hit and she ran off. It had'nt been two minutes and out comes this Piebald 8 pointer hauling a$$ down the same trail, Not knowing what he was getting ready to walk into I nocked another arrow and drew back my Truth2. As he came in at 20 yards I stopped him and sent an arrow his way. As he ran off I could clearly see blood pumping out and within 30 yards he slowed down and fell over. BEST SEASON YET!
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