Kyle RIchardson hunting Whitetail Deer with the TruGlo Carbon XS, Whisker Biscuit, Beaman ICS pro 400, GrimReaper 100gr Broadheads.

Kyle RIchardson
Wicomico county, Maryland
The Story
The Day was 11/11/11, Veterans day. I was home in Maryland for the week on leave from the Marine Corps. I was hunting an edge where a cutover meets tall standing timber. Around 4:45pm I had a little yearling buck dogging a little doe down the edge of the cutover soon to follow was this nice 8 pointer. He came into my shooting lane at 20 yards and he stopped. I drew back my Truth2 and as soon I let the GrimReaper fly the buck stepped forward. I got a clean pass through but the arrow hit slightly far back. I quietly climbed down thinking the worse, thinking I made a gut shot and he was gone forever. I found my arrow covered in the darkest red blood imaginable, LIVER!!! I backed out and gave the buck about 4 hours and ended up finding the buck about 100 yards away.
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