Jim Kimball hunting Boar with the Bear Truth 67#, Extreme Strings and Cables, Beman ICS Hunter 340, Slick Trick Magnum 100gr, Bohning Blazer Vanes and Wraps, Nocturnal, Ripcord Code Red, Bohning Quiver, Black Gold Sight, Truball Max Pro 4, Under Armour Mossy Oak Obsession, Rocky Snake Boots, Redhead Teklite Pants in Mossy Oak Brush, Scent Away Spray, Sony HD Handycam, Wildgame Innovations A700X Rangefinder.

Jim Kimball
Lee county, Florida
The Story
Spot and stalk in palmettos and pepper trees. 30 yards and walking slowly broadside. Shot through back of the lungs. 215lb Black sow on the left in the photo. Recovered by my guide in a water-filled canal less than 50 yards from point of impact. Lots of fresh pork for the freezer! Bought this bow new in '06 and have thousands of arrows through it with no fail or issues at all. They can't handle the Truth! Thanks, Bear! Special thanks to Hog Heaven, my outfitters in Labelle, FL. Another great hunt with great people.
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