Kiley Harpster hunting Whitetail Deer with the Model 2008 Bear Game Over, set at #63, 28" draw, Muzzy MX4 100gr broadheads, Beman hunter ICS 400 carbon arrows, Trophy Ridge Pyro 4 pin sight, Trophy Ridge 6 shooter quiver, Octane Hostage Pro rest. API climbing treestand, Leupold Binos

Kiley Harpster
Macon county, Missouri
The Story
After not having much success pre/and rut this season, I kept my head up and kept on with my cameras. On the morning of Christmas, I checked one of my cams I had out, a little over a week. To my surprise at 7:40 the morning before, it was a STUD I had seen rifle season in that same spot, but never had a shot. That next day at work I told them I would be taking off that Friday to hunt. I woke up, grabbed my climber, and away I went. Waiting on 7:40 to roll around I was Knee deep in doe, then here came a 3 1/2 year old 9pt i had been watching all of late season...then him shortly behind! He posted up a 20yd shot for me, ran about 40 yds and watched him fall! BEAR BOWS BABY!
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