Ross Patterson hunting Whitetail Deer with the Fred Bear TRX 36 Vital Bow Gear Sights Vapor 3000's Vanes 60 # 100 Grain NAP crossfire Peep Sight limbsavers and leeches string loop and release

Ross Patterson
Chester county, Pennsylvania
The Story
I got home from school , rushed home and got ready. Dad and I hurried down to our spot in Chester county. We got in out trees and settled in. After a little bit, deer started working into the field. I saw a couple of bucks but none were in range. I looked up into the field about 100 yards away, and this buck was working away from us. Dad Bleated and he came running right in. He circled around us , and when he stopped at 5 yards I shot , hitting both lungs and the heart. He only went 40 yards.
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