Alyssa Sinclair hunting Whitetail Deer with the I was using a Fred Bear Odyssey Bow set at 45 lbs., Gold Tip XT Hunter Arrows, and 75 grain Grim Reapor Razortip broadheads. I was hunting out of a 15 foot ladder stand. My dad bought me the Bear Odyssey youth package over a year ago. It worked great for hunting whitetails in PA.

Alyssa Sinclair
Potter county, Pennsylvania
The Story
I am 12 years old and this is my first year to hunt in Pennsylvania. Our archery season opened on September 29th and I shot this buck on October 1st. I was hunting with my dad and I had just passed up a doe and this buck came up to me. I shot him at 15 yards, he was slightly quartering towards me when I shot him. We tracked him the following morning and he went about 125 yards from where I shot him. The buck has 5 points on the right side and the horns were broken off on the left side.
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