Andrew Yoder hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Apprentice Beeman Arrows Slick Trick Broadheads Russel Clothing Scent Blocker Boots Manzella Gloves Scent Killer Trophy Ridge Sight, Rest and quiver

Andrew Yoder
Garrett county, Maryland
The Story
I was hunting by myself one cool October morning. There was not any deer activity. Then at about 9:30 this 5 point showed up and came into bow range and I shot him at 30 yards away. I called my brother and my dad to come help me look for it and we started looking for it about an hour after I shot. We picked up blood shortly after the shot and tracked it for about 100 yards and found it in the middle of a hayfield. This was my first ever bowkill and I shot a doe a week after I killed this one.
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