Dennis Gibson hunting Blacktail Deer with the Bear Instinct set at 68# with limb savers , s-coil, string leaches by S.V.I. Alpine Archery soft lock quiver, Whiskerbisquet.

Dennis Gibson
Jackson county, Oregon
The Story
It was a rainy, wet day in the middle of November and the blacktail rut. I was sitting in a ground blind useing a sequince of short grunts and doe bleats and mixing in some rattling. About forty five minutes had passed when this buck came up though the oaks. He was drawn in by the calling but was starting to circle around to where there was no shot. A couple of quick grunts and he came right back to me. I had used a range finder on some land marks so I knew all my distances though my shoting lanes. I came to full draw as the buck stepped out. I stopped him and sent my beman right throuth the heart he ran 65 yards and piled up.
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