Brent Ruhlen hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear "The Truth" Whisker Biscuit Trophy Ridge sight Limbsaver stabilizer Cabela's Stalker Extreme arrows Rage 2-blade broadhead Scott release Primos Ground Max Vision Hunting Blind

Brent Ruhlen
York county, Virginia
The Story
Sat in the blind for over 2 hours with nothing but wind and rain outside. When the rain stopped, the woods came alive. First a doe and fawn. They got a pass as I new the bucks were already starting to trail the does. Soon after they disappeared, I saw him - the big buck (for this area at least) that had been working a scrape near my blind. I was also trying to film this solo hunt, so when he passed by the first time, I wasn't able to get a shot. After hitting the grunt tube several time, he eventually came back and gave me a broadside shot at less than 25 yds. Not a lot of mass or points on the rack, but it is pretty wide. First buck of the season and the first hunt on video!
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