Kevin R Phillips hunting Whitetail Deer with the Easton XX78 2314 Super Slam Arrow. NAP Spitfire Maxx expandable broad head. I was wearing Scent Loc clothing and Burly Lacross rubber boots.

Kevin R Phillips
Floyd county, Virginia
The Story
When I killed this huge 6 pointer it was very early in the morning during low light conditions. There was only enough sunlight available that I could not see the deer until it was within 20 yards of me. When I drew the bow string I could not even see through my peep sight or even see my sight pins. The buck came closer yet. When the deer closed within 10 yards of me I decided to take the shot totally instinctively. When I released the arrow the buck bolted and ran for no more than 3 to 5 seconds and fell dead within yards of where I shot it. What a clean kill!! In my 34 years of bowhunting this was one of the most exciting kills I have ever made. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.
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