Chris Sharpe hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bear Truth 2, Rage 2 Blade, Beeman ICS Hunters, Summit Climber, Scent Blocker, Lacrosse Boot's

Chris Sharpe
New York, USA
The Story
I was sitting in my climber when I heard some rustlin leave's. I though it was those pesky squirrels again, but it wasnt this time. Three does walked in to my right and then I saw a smaller buck to my left. I then heard some more leaves rustlin and hear comes another smaller buck. Then from behind me I hear a grunt. In steps this nice 9 point the biggest buck out of the 3 i saw, and steped into the swamp 25 yards and I put the rage in the cage. Trekked a deep swamp and eventually found him 80yards away from where i had shot him
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