Jon Cook hunting Whitetail Deer with the bear charge compound bow with 28inch. draw length pull back 50lbs/trophy ridge's whisker biscuit arrow rest,6 arrow quiver,stabilizer/with gold tip arrows whitetail hunter 55-75/the rage 2blade broad head 100 grain/tru-fire release

Jon Cook
Loudon county, Tennessee
The Story
Well.... I was hunting 2 weeks before my fall break at my hunting spot.I saw a lot of deer but non of them would come close.When,all of a sudden a 8 pointer walk out at 20 yards,with a case of buck ever I shot right over his back. With a week of disappointment,I did not think I would ever see him again. On my second to last day of my fall break everything changed that morning when,this 7 pointer walked out at 15 yards using my Bear Charge I let the arrow fly.He may not be the biggest one,but he was my first bow kill.
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