Barry Nofsinger hunting Antelope with the Spot-Hogg Hunter Hogg-it sight, Trophy Taker drop away rest, Gold Tip arrows, Rage broadheads.

Barry Nofsinger
Mesa county, Colorado
The Story
It took me 7 years to draw this tag here in Colorado. After 5 days of spot and stalking several bucks with no luck, I decided to sit on a waterhole. It has been very wet during the weeks leading up to the hunt, so they where not hitting their regular watering holes as much. On this day, I sat on a hole that they where coming into earlier in the season. An hour after sitting there, 2 bucks came in. I picked the biggest one and let it fly at 47 yards. The buck went 150 yards and piled up. Thank you Bear Archery and Primos for making a truly awesome bow!!!
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