Troy Owens hunting Antelope with the Bear Element, Ripcord Rest, Alpine quiver, gold tip arrows, Limbsaver, Spitfire Broadheads.

Troy Owens
Sublette county, Wyoming
The Story
I've been haying in a field that had some antelope laying in it during the day and when the antelope archery season opened, I decided to carry my bow with me, just in case. This buck was laying in a depression just outside the field on state owned ground. I put the sneak on him, got within 34 yards and had to squeak to get him to stand up. I aimed a little low thinking he would jump the string. I guess my bow is fairly quiet, he didn't wiggle and I hit him as low as a guy could. He ran up the hill for 60 yards and fell over. Having my 10 year old son Tyler video my hunt was icing on the cake. I can't say the video was good enough for TV, but he had fun too.
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