JT Haga hunting Whitetail Deer with the Trophy Ridge 3 pin sight, TR 4 arrow quiver, whisker biscuit, and carbon arrows that my dad made for me.

JT Haga
South Carolina, USA
The Story
I spotted the deer coming down the trail toward our stand and told my dad. He could not see it, but I told him the deer could not see us so he told me to stand up and get my bow ready. The deer came out and finally gave me a broadside shot and I shot high. My dad told me to stay calm because the deer might come back. He was right and it did come back. The deer stared at us for a long time and then finally turned broadside again. This time I made a good shot right behind the shoulder, hitting both lungs and the top of the heart. After we waited a while my dad let me track the deer, it ran about 60 yards. This is my first deer with a bow and my Bear Young gun is awesome.
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