Desmond Harberger hunting Rusa Deer with the Bear Carnage. Trophy Ridge sight and arrow holder, Ripcord arrow rest, doinker silencer, NAP Thunderhead 85gr.

Desmond Harberger
Australia county, QLD
The Story
All people that say hunting is an opportunistic game, they are spot on. Where I live, I back on a property that I gained permission to hunt on. I keep seeing Rusa Deer crossing the paddock mornings and some afternoons. One morning we were preparing for work, and an employe says to me, look at that cheeky bastard. keep in mind you this is all happening from my back fence. so i ran upstairs only threw on the "bear" essentials. Quickly ran out into the paddock, stalked up to him using a giant rock to mask my approach, drew on him at about 20m and let it loose. Now the picture tells the rest of the story. I love my Bear carnage and will never buy any other type of bow, 1st bow, and last bow.
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