Eric Rice hunting Whitetail Deer with the Bow- "Done Deal" by bear archery Arrow- Easton st epic Broadhead- G5 100 gr. fixed blade

Eric Rice
Marquette county, Michigan
The Story
I shot this whitetail on October 5, 2011. He came in to my bait twenty minutes before dark. Following him was a doe. After patiently waiting he turned broadside for a split second. I drew back my bow and he turned to chase the doe away. I had to let the arrow back down and luckily he was more interested in what she was doing. At this point it was starting to get dark and I knew I only had a few minutes of good shooting light left. He turned again and this time he was quartered to me a little. I put my sight behind his front shoulder and let the arrow go. At ten yards I heard the impact of the arrow and he hunched his back as he took off into the thick brush. We found him 60 yards away.
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