Rocky Bowker hunting Wild Turkey with the 70's model Bear Kodiak Hunter 50# @ 28", drawing 30". Shooting instinctive.Zwickey two-blade broadheads.

Rocky Bowker
Dickson county, Tennessee
The Story
It was a prime Tennessee spring turkey hunting morning. Got my portable blind and decoys set up across a field from a ridge where some long beards were roosting. I had their attention with some soft tree yelps right before fly down. They hit the ground gobbling and I guess when they approached the field edge and saw the gobbler and jake decoys surrounding the hen decoy, it was more than they could stand. It was two long beards and in short order they had crossed the field and made their way right up in the middle of my spread, vying for position. I excitedly drew back my old faithful recurve, picked one out, picked a spot, and let ‘er fly. The arrow penetrated the gobbler broadside and he ran off across the field. After a short search of the ridge top where he entered, he was mine!
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