Taylor Ryan Donahue hunting Whitetail Deer with the I was using my Bear Carnage with 3 blade 2 inch mechanical Trophy Ridge Meat Seakers. Trophy Ridge Quiver, Optix 3 pin + one floating sights, Quality Archery Design HD drop down rest, Gold Tip xt 300 arrows with custom Grim reaper wraps and blazer vanes.

Taylor Ryan Donahue
Boone county, Missouri
The Story
I have been chasing him for 9 days now. We show up one place, he goes the other!! I just passed my boards for RN, so the owner let me me give him a go for once. He came out at 6:40 from the opposite side as expected, which he walked within 15 yards from my stand! Knowing he scored upper 145 and the kickers told me who he was. After whatever spooked him left he came at 31.5 yrds... I drew back and noticed my heart was pumping so hard my axels couldn't stop moving. Finally flung it. 319 yrd later he died. PERFECT double lung. How he ran that far... I'll never know. Green score 149 7/8ths BEAR CARNAGE IS AMAZING!
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