Wade Steffenhagen hunting Mule Deer with the Bear Carnage, Trophy Ridge accessories: Judge sight, Revolution rest, Shockstop stabilizer, Arrowcage 2 quiver, Blast arrows with Meatseeker 2" 100 gr broadhead.

Wade Steffenhagen
Wyoming, USA
The Story
Luckily I had located an awesome typical a few days into my hunt that I was able to stalk within 30 yards of, but the buck never offered a good shot before he busted when the wind shifted. He regrouped with a smaller but unique buck with several extras across the drainage. I decided I would take either if I could on them again. After locating and stalking the unique buck several times over a couple days I finally got the shot I was after. My Carnage equipped with Trophy Ridge accessories performed flawlessly and the buck went down quickly. Thanks Bear for making such durable, quiet, and accurate products!
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