Matthew Koehler hunting Whitetail Deer with the Standard all in one bow. My first bow and it has worked great so far. Had Realtree AP camo and was about 12 ft high in a tree stand. I was using a mechanical broadhead.

Matthew Koehler
Hancock county, Iowa
The Story
I was in a tree stand facing south about 15 yard into a timber with a cornfield on my left and deep timber to my right. Went out around 3:30 but didn't really see anything all day. Finally, about 5 min before the end of the day, I heard some walking off to my right. It was very dark and difficult to tell what I was seeing. Out from behind a bush this deer walks and all I could really see was his silhouette. When he walked behind the next tree I stood up and turned around, a few times he would stop to listen to me; I would stop moving as well. Finally I got pulled back and could just make out where he was. I put my dim but visible green pin on him and pulled the trigger. He ran about 40 yards and crashed.
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