Bo Webb's Bear Country

Bo Webb
Wake county, North Carolina
Bear - Grizzly
The Story
At a fundraiser 3D shoot to benefit handicapped sportsman in NC on 1 June 2014. They had a special shoot where you paid $5 to shoot 3 arrows at an apple at a distance of about 82 yards. All the compound shooters were trying so I had to step up and try it with my 50lb@28 Bear Grizzly and cedar arrows. I have been shooting for just over a year now. First 2 arrows were just a couple feet short of the target but third arrow sailed in to within about 6 inches of the apple where my finger is in the pic. I love my Bear Grizzly. I was told my Grizzly is a 60's model. I can also say that I have shot well over 20,000 arrows through this old bow since July of 2013. So much fun. A great product. ~ Bo Webb
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