Diane Bollig's Bear Country

Diane Bollig
Arizona, USA
Bear - The Truth
The Story
Antelope hunting in Prescott Valley, Arizona isn't too forgiving. With a gun, maybe -- but with a bow is a whole different story. Even though the land here is rolling, almost everything is flat. The antelope know they are safe there, where they can see for miles and know every inch of their country side. For the most part, we only get to observe them, getting close enough for a shot, if you're lucky, a couple times during your hunt. This is all part of my Bear Country. It is here that the animal is king and we are just out to enjoy the experience. You don't go out to Bear Country and get up before the sun to see the people or live in luxury, you go for the thrill, for the pure excitement of what the day will bring and for that moment you get close enough to...
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