The Heart of Bear Bows

We've always been proud of the bows we design and build. But as we look back at the family of past Bear bows with pride, we know that simply recycling old technology is not what we do. Every year, Bear engineers figure out new ways to make our bows lighter, stronger, faster and even more quiet. But we don't stop there. There are so many variables to consider when creating a better shooting bow. It's more than a numbers game. It's knowing the in's and out's of what a hunter wants. And that's what we're dead set on giving you: a bow that can go toe-to-toe with any bow in it's category – while delivering a far superior shooting experience.

All of the technology below wasn't just developed for our flagship bow. You'll find these features in several of our bows. And you'll find the knowledge we gained from developing these innovations in EVERY single Bear bow. In order to be called a Bear, a bow must deliver a certain level of performance. And we're proud of every single one of this year's Bear bows. And you'll find our dedication to archery innovation is at the heart of every one of them.

H13 Cam

The H13 Cam

The Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System utilizes a rotating module that lets you make draw length adjustments without a bow press or any additional modules. Advanced design delivers the same efficiency at any draw length, smooth draw, and extreme speed.

S13 Cam

The S13-Cam

Our fastest, smoothest, and most versatile rotating-module cam combines blistering speed, smooth draw cycle, maximum efficiency, and optimal ease of adjustment, all without the need for a bow press or any additional modules. It’s the ultimate high-tech way to exert precise control over massive power.

E3 Cam

The E3-Cam

Defined by its reputation as one of the smoothest, fastest cam systems on the market the E-Cam Series just got an upgrade, for 2013 we are introducing the next level of performance. The all new E3 Cam designed especially for the Domain bow will go to work for you, delivering brutal speeds and a level of efficiency that no other bow at this price can deliver. The E3 cam gives you ½” draw length adjustments without the use of modules or a bow press.

EZ3 Cam

The EZ3-Cam

Bear bows have always been known for efficiency, smooth draw cycle and speed. These 3 factors are born from a cam design in which we spend thousands of design and testing hours on each year. The results of all these hours are found on the Attitude and Authority bows, these cams offer an ultra smooth draw cycle while delivering the speed you demand. Draw length adjustments can be made without the use of a bow press.


The FH1-Cam

The all new FH1 cam featured on the Finesse bow was designed specifically for the woman looking for the ease of a silky smooth draw cycle, speed notorious with Bear bows and the efficiency that puts every ounce of your effort back into the arrow for the most accurate shot possible. The FH1 cam is completed with a rotating module that allows for draw length adjustments to be made without a bow press. Draw lengths range from 23" – 28".


The FH2-Cam

The all new FH2 cam is Bear’s Synchronized Hybrid Cam System designed explicitly for the lady archer. The FH2 Cam design has the exact geometry that optimizes the Rumor’s power and efficiency. Featuring a rotating module, the FH2 Cam offers draw length adjustments without the use of a bow press or a man! The Rumor’s FH2 Cam delivers a silky smooth draw cycle in draw lengths from 23.5" – 27".

G3 Cam

The G3-Cam

The all new G3 cams or "growth" cams are the third generation cam design in our popular Apprentice series of bows. The genius of the G3 cams is the shooters ability to grow or pass this bow down. Draw length adjustments can be made without the use of a bow press in ranges from 15" all the way up to 27". The cam design also allows for draw weight adjustments ranging from 15lbs. up to 60 lbs.


The A-Cam

Brand new for 2014 is the all new A cam found on the Anarchy HC. The A is uniquely designed with a moderate size shape that compliments the longer axle to axle length on the Anarchy HC giving this bow the ultimate in smoothness while giving it super fast speeds of up to 330 fps. The A Cam allows for draw length adjustments to be made without the use of a bow press and offers draw lengths from 26-½" – 31-½".



The tightest, most precise limb-to-pocket fit yet achieved absorbs vibration and hand shock better than ever. Whether you’re using every ounce of limb poundage or a lower draw weight, extreme precision goes a long way.


Incredibly strong and light, our high-tensile composite Dual limbs work as a system with highprecision Zero Tolerance limb/cup/riser fit and tight vibrationdamping boot ensure smooth draw, massive well-controlled power, and shock-free shooting.

New Advanced Grip Design

Removable GRIP

Changing hand location or pressure, wearing a glove, or adding a quiver will change point of impact and string out your groups. With Bear removable grips, you can change from side plate to over-molded grip style to match hand position to your hunt or situation.

Enhanced riser technology

Enhanced riser technology

Forged and precision-machined aircraft grade aluminum provides extreme strength in critical areas while trimming mass in low-stress sections, creating the most durable, reliable and lightweight bow available.

Bear Hinge Guard

Bear Hinge Guard

New technology reduces torque on both riser and limbs by allowing the cable to smoothly move inward throughout the draw cycle, and instantly return at release to provide optimum fletching clearance.



New Bi-Dimensionally adjustable, offset string suppressors deaden any noise and vibration at the shot.



8 sealed ball bearings deliver the smoothest draw cycle and the maximum amount of efficiency.

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